Why HRinvasion?


HRinvasion was created by it's founder Dave Audley initially to tie together a few HR blogs he was running and to offer help and guidance to small and medium businesses. After six years blogging Dave had the opportunity to follow his passion and turn HRinvasion into a HR Consultancy with a difference!


Dave agrees with a lot of people's views about HR, especially ones formed from working within business. We would estimate that 70% of them would say that HR is a waste of time and that from their experiences it hinders rather than helps the majority of the time. The reason Dave agrees with this is that like most things, if it is not done correctly then the full potential is not realised. HRinvasion can help change your view, by ensuring that HR is done right and that you realise the full potential of your employees.


The name HRinvasion came from our belief that businesses should let HR invade their business rather than just ensuring that legal obligations are met. HR should be kept simple and at all times people should remember that it is about ensuring that the resource of humans within the business are managed in the most appropriate way to ensure the goals of the business are achieved. The main reason a business will succeed is mainly due to the individuals within the roles.


Motivation, Incentive and Retention.

Dave chose to blog and research these three key HR areas mainly because he felt they were overlooked. These three key areas are vital and form the backbone to any success within the business. Most HR areas rely on these areas yet businesses rarely pay them much attention on their own and they often play second fiddle to the main objective.


Feel free to check out more about these three areas within the blog section:

www.hrmotivation.com www.hrincentive.com www.hrretention.com
www.freehradvice.co.uk www.hrhumour.com



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